Friday, February 20, 2009

Google Street View News


<=td style=3D"padding-bottom:1em">ttp://">Readers help solve (part of) the mystery of Google Street View's= ...
Bloomington Pantagraph - IL, USA<=/font>
Pete Hettinger at Custom Car Care, 711 E. Washington St., Bloomingto=n, says it was October 2007 based on the vehicles still for sale on his lot=. ...">
ttp://;cd=3DaKP7JKr5mBM&usg=3DAFQjCNHC1VMVR_N_bm1Uz3WxwciZYeuYFg">Google Street View Clues 02/20/09
Bloomington Pantagraph - IL, USA<=/font>
... building is still at front corner of building; Construction on t=hat building started fall or early winter of 2007.=94 (Roger S.) (Google= Street View image)">


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